All the leading online casino software designers and developers are adding exciting and new features to all the famous games. Since most of the players who sign up to an online casino will appreciate the rushes of space diversions, the top suppliers of online casino games such as scr888 casino have added the gambling feature to the games. This element will permit players to risk their wins on their base game and attempt to expand their general payouts. While the gambling feature can benefit the players in the form of small wins but players must be vigilant to risk bigger payouts.

Card prediction game

Card prediction game is one of the features offered as a gambling feature. With this, players will be displayed a card and will need to pick remaining cards to attempt to beat the value of displayed card. If the player is successful in beating the value, then there are chances that you win the double of your payout.

Gamble bonus game

Another gambling game offered by scr888 casino is Gamble Bonus Game. Players can control their winning amount in this game. The objective is to choose whether the needle will stop spinning at the red point or green. Players can change the size of the green and red portion to increase the chances to win a larger sum of money. Most players increase the green portion, covering the whole area which provides a 50/50 chance of scoring bigger sums.

Heads and tails bonus game

This is a simple coin tossing game, where players just have to guess if the coin will land on tails or heads. A correct guess will win payouts.

Dice tossing game

The last game is Dice Tossing Game. This game can be found on scr888 casino, where players get to toss 3 dice. Players have to guess the total of dice to be even or odd. Right guess will win money for them.

The gambling features are a great source of enhancing a slot game. Lots of players win bigger rewards. These can be played multiple times, but there is a limit of a total win while using a particular gamble feature. These features must be used carefully, so players do not take bigger risks and increase chances of losing bigger sums of money. Scr888 casino provides all these gamble features, you can find all types of slot games there. Be vigilant while putting in the betting amount; first, learn the feature and then try for bigger wins.